Having feeling that your partner is cheating on you is the worst feeling ever. According to statistics, around 20% of people have cheated on their partner at least once or more.

If you already have doubts about whether your partner is faithful to you, you might be interested to know How to Bust a Cheater boyfriend, girlfriend ,or spouse?. Read on to know how to stop cheating once and forever.

HOW TO Bust a Cheater boyfriend, girlfriend ,or spouse

1. Trust your own feelings

If you’ve been in a relationship for more then three years, you should be able to know how your partner is feeling and what their expressions mean. If there is something going on with your partner, you will probably feel it so asking them for the truth would be the best choice. Look at their expressions, body language and things they do once you start talking about it.



How to bust a cheater boyfriend, girlfriend, or spouse

2. Check Dating Apps or Websites

This would be one of the obvious first steps to do. Simply create a “fake” profile on the popular dating apps such as Tinder, Badoo, Bumble, Hinge… You might get surprised finding your partner on such apps so if you do, confront them and ask them why they have their own profile made on dating websites when you have each other.

3. Research your trash bin

Anybody would expose cheating evidence into the trash bin especially condoms and other things like love letters (we use phones in the modern age but still), receipts for dinner or jewelry or any kind of other small gifts that you would expect when you start dating.

4. Check Daily Routine

Has your partners daily routine changed? Are they coming home late “from work”? Do they barely find time to hangout with you when you usually did it everyday? Something might be up meaning they could be cheating on you. It is time, to change your daily routine and surprise them once you come home early from work or vacation to catch them red handed in the cheating act.

If this 5 step not enough then the best way to bust a cheater is to use a services tool. 

It will walk you through the main activities taking place on your partner’s device, so you can have a clear idea who they interact with. 


Tool gives you a clean user-friendly report. See exactly who they are texting and meeting up with 100% anonymously this report including reveal details such as full name, address, social media profiles, pictures and more from the number they are constantly texting.

How does it work? Easily. Once you have phone numbers you have questions about, enter them into Catch a Cheater Tool  reverse phone directory, and your job is done. The quick search engine on the website will scan millions of public records about the person, and provide you with a report about them. The report will include their full name, address, contact information, social media data, criminal records, and even mugshots.

The data available on the website is provided within minutes, so you can find out who your partner is communicating with, and if there is any reason for concern.

Picking up the pieces after cheating is never easy, but first of all, you need to find out if your partner really is cheating on you. By performing a reverse phone lookup, you will be able to discover if your partner is unfaithful and if it is time to move on or try to fix the relationship.

5. View their browsing history

You won’t believe how many people miss checking the browsing history. You can find out a lot about a person and what dating sites have they been visiting by checking the browsing history. While incognito mode is there, many forget to turn it on when viewing something in secret. Many people have found their partner and caught them in the act by simply secretly viewing their browsing history on their mobile phone or computer. If we are talking about a female partner then checking mobile history would be best as for men, the computer would be the obvious choice to go.

Note: "Reverse Phone Lookup will expose the legal name of the owner of any phone number. It also provides public information in addition to the name such as the location (city/state), service provider and more. Reverse Phone Lookup does not provide access to data, phone call history or text messages"

How to bust a cheater boyfriend, girlfriend, or spouse

Note: This Tool is available ONLY for USA