What Are Public Records?

We are able to divide Public Records into two main subcategories:

Information about people – this includes pretty much anything that is perhaps publicly available a few specific particular person. For instance – their property taxes, licensing info, and whether they’ve gone to jail.

Details about government actions and policies: That is one thing that involves a policy, motion, or something similar involving an agency of the federal government. For instance, emails between department workers, records saved by an agency, and comparable.

When most individuals search for public records, they're speaking concerning the first kind of file – details about a specific particular person.

How to Search Public Arrest Records 

Federal Public Records

It’s necessary to note that several types of records will be saved on the Federal Level, and others at the state, local, and county level. 

How to Search Public Arrest Records 

in this article we will share with you a easy and the best tool to Search Public Arrest Record.

Background check and criminal records services tend to be quite easy to use and This Tool is no exception. When you log on, you’re presented with spaces to fill in the first name, last name, city, and state of your person of interest and all it takes is a click.

After you’ve clicked, the system will start working and it will present you with results in less than a minute. All of the relevant people who may match your query will appear, with personal details that should help you narrow things down.

Why use this tool

You can easily sign up and carry out unlimited searches on public records databases and get access to information ranging from criminal records to court records, marriage, death, and birth records, as well as bankruptcies. You can also attain personal details, including phone numbers and addresses, and carry out reverse phone number searches.

how to search public arrest records

Note: This Tool is available ONLY for USA

What Details Do Public Arrest Records Include?

The Arrest Records will contain details equivalent to:

Age and other demographics: The current age and the age of the person on the time of the prison activity are mentioned. Fingerprints, identification marks, images, social security numbers, race, and prior arrests, if any, are also listed within the arrest report.

Criminal classification: Both the nature and type of crime are mentioned on this part. Misdemeanors involve imprisonment that don't last beyond a yr and have a shorter statute of limitation. Felonies, on the other hand, are extra severe in terms of punishment and involve longer statutes of limitation.

Details of any fines: If the crime involved payment of fines or penalties, they're mentioned in the arrest record, as well. The arrest document can even indicate if there are any pending litigations, hearings or additional convictions pertaining to probation violations or any kind of consequential damages.

Military service record if applicable: If the person was serving within the military and the crime was dedicated in the course of the service, the arrest record will include these details in addition to info pertaining to discharge status.

Here are the different ways that you can, and cannot, use a Public Arrest Records Tool :

You can use Public Arrest Records Tool to look up:

  • Neighbors
  • New relationships
  • Potential dates or crushes
  • Friends
  • Former classmates
  • Other parents
  • Family members
  • Vacation buddies
  • Online buyers and sellers
  • Yourself
  • Celebrities

You CANNOT use Public Arrest Records Tool to:

  • Screen tenants
  • Screen employees
  • Screen domestic workers
  • Verify eligibility for loans, credit cards, or insurance
  • Screen professional services
  • Determine eligibility for scholarships or educational programs